Westworld (2016)


Genre: Drama , Mystery , Sci-fi , Western

Plot: The title of this series is Westworld which was first released in the year 2016 and takes part in the drama, mystery, sci-fi, western genres. The episodes last around 60 minutes and you can enjoy them here for free. FMovies will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Next Episode Date: Apr 6th



Episode 3: The Absence of Field
Episode 2: The Winter Line
Episode 1: Parce Domine
Episode 10: The Passenger
Episode 9: Vanishing Point
Episode 8: Kiksuya
Episode 7: Les Ecorches
Episode 6: Phase Space
Episode 5: Akane No Mai
Episode 4: The Riddle of the Sphinx
Episode 3: Virtù e Fortuna
Episode 2: Reunion
Episode 1: Journey Into Night
Episode 10: The Bicameral Mind
Episode 9: The Well-Tempered Clavier
Episode 8: Trace Decay
Episode 7: Trompe L'Oeil
Episode 6: The Adversary
Episode 5: Contrapasso
Episode 4: Dissonance Theory
Episode 3: The Stray
Episode 2: Chestnut
Episode 1: The Original