Chicago Fire (2012)


Genre: Action , Drama

Plot: The title of this series is Chicago Fire which was first released in the year 2012 and takes part in the action, drama genres. The episodes last around 43 minutes and you can enjoy them here for free. FMovies will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Next Episode Date: Mar 5th



Episode 15: Episode
Episode 14: Shut It Down
Episode 13: A Chicago Welcome
Episode 12: Then Nick Porter Happened
Episode 11: Where We End Up
Episode 10: Hold Our Ground
Episode 9: Best Friend Magic
Episode 8: Seeing Is Believing
Episode 7: Welcome to Crazytown
Episode 6: What Went Wrong
Episode 5: Buckle Up
Episode 4: Infection, Part I
Episode 3: Badlands
Episode 2: A Real Shot in the Arm
Episode 1: Sacred Ground
Episode 22: I'm Not Leaving You
Episode 21: The White Whale
Episode 20: Try Like Hell
Episode 19: Until the Weather Breaks
Episode 18: No Such Thing as Bad Luck
Episode 17: Move a Wall
Episode 16: Fault in Him
Episode 15: What I Saw
Episode 14: It Wasn't About Hockey
Episode 13: The Plunge
Episode 12: Make This Right
Episode 11: You Choose
Episode 10: Inside These Walls
Episode 9: Always a Catch
Episode 8: The Solution to Everything
Episode 7: What Will Define You
Episode 6: All the Proof
Episode 5: A Volatile Mixture
Episode 4: This Isn't Charity
Episode 3: Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand
Episode 2: Going to War
Episode 1: A Closer Eye
Episode 23: The Grand Gesture
Episode 22: One for the Ages
Episode 21: The Unrivaled Standard
Episode 20: The Strongest Among Us
Episode 19: Where I Want to Be
Episode 18: When They See Us Coming
Episode 17: Put White On Me
Episode 16: The One That Matters Most
Episode 15: The Chance to Forgive
Episode 14: Looking for a Lifeline
Episode 13: S06E13
Episode 12: Episode #6.12
Episode 11: Law of the Jungle
Episode 10: Slamigan
Episode 9: Foul Is Fair
Episode 8: The Whole Point of Being Roommates
Episode 7: A Man's Legacy
Episode 6: Down is Better
Episode 5: Devil's Bargain
Episode 4: A Breaking Point
Episode 3: An Even Bigger Surprise
Episode 2: Ignite on Contact
Episode 1: It Wasn't Enough
Episode 22: My Miracle
Episode 21: Sixty Days
Episode 20: Carry Me
Episode 19: Carry Their Legacy
Episode 18: Take a Knee
Episode 17: Babies and Fools
Episode 16: Telling Her Goodbye
Episode 15: Deathtrap
Episode 14: Purgatory
Episode 13: Trading in Scuttlebutt
Episode 12: An Agent of the Machine
Episode 11: Who Lives and Who Dies
Episode 10: The People We Meet
Episode 9: Some Make It, Some Don't
Episode 8: One Hundred
Episode 7: Lift Each Other
Episode 6: That Day
Episode 5: I Held Her Hand
Episode 4: Nobody Else Is Dying Today
Episode 3: Scorched Earth
Episode 2: A Real Wake-Up Call
Episode 1: The Hose or the Animal
Episode 23: Superhero
Episode 22: Where the Collapse Started
Episode 21: Kind of a Crazy Idea
Episode 20: The Last One for Mom
Episode 19: I Will Be Walking
Episode 18: On the Warpath
Episode 17: What Happened to Courtney
Episode 16: Two Ts
Episode 15: Bad for the Soul
Episode 14: All Hard Parts
Episode 13: The Sky Is Falling
Episode 12: Not Everyone Makes It
Episode 11: The Path of Destruction
Episode 10: The Beating Heart
Episode 9: Short and Fat
Episode 8: When Tortoises Fly
Episode 7: Sharp Elbows
Episode 6: 2112
Episode 5: Regarding This Wedding
Episode 4: Your Day Is Coming
Episode 3: I Walk Away
Episode 2: A Taste of Panama City
Episode 1: Let It Burn
Episode 23: Spartacus
Episode 22: Category 5
Episode 21: We Called Her Jellybean
Episode 20: You Know Where to Find Me
Episode 19: I Am the Apocalypse
Episode 18: Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional
Episode 17: Forgive You Anything
Episode 16: Red Rag the Bull
Episode 15: Headlong Toward Disaster
Episode 14: Call It Paradise
Episode 13: Three Bells
Episode 12: Ambush Predator
Episode 11: Let Him Die
Episode 10: Santa Bites
Episode 9: Arrest in Transit
Episode 8: Chopper
Episode 7: Nobody Touches Anything
Episode 6: Madmen and Fools
Episode 5: The Nuclear Option
Episode 4: Apologies Are Dangerous
Episode 3: Just Drive the Truck
Episode 2: Wow Me
Episode 1: Always
Episode 22: Real Never Waits
Episode 21: One More Shot
Episode 20: A Dark Day
Episode 19: A Heavy Weight
Episode 18: Until Your Feet Leave the Ground
Episode 17: When Things Got Rough
Episode 16: A Rocket Blasting Off
Episode 15: Keep Your Mouth Shut
Episode 14: Virgin Skin
Episode 13: Tonight's the Night
Episode 12: Out with a Bang
Episode 11: Shoved in My Face
Episode 10: Not Like This
Episode 9: You Will Hurt Him
Episode 8: Rhymes with Shout
Episode 7: No Regrets
Episode 6: Joyriding
Episode 5: A Power Move
Episode 4: A Nuisance Call
Episode 3: Defcon 1
Episode 2: Prove It
Episode 1: A Problem House
Episode 24: A Hell of a Ride
Episode 23: Let Her Go
Episode 22: Leaders Lead
Episode 21: Retaliation Hit
Episode 20: Ambition
Episode 19: A Coffin That Small
Episode 18: Fireworks
Episode 17: Better to Lie
Episode 16: Viral
Episode 15: Nazdarovya!
Episode 14: A Little Taste
Episode 13: Warm and Dead
Episode 12: Under the Knife
Episode 11: God Has Spoken
Episode 10: Merry Christmas, Etc.
Episode 9: It Ain't Easy
Episode 8: Leaving the Station
Episode 7: Two Families
Episode 6: Rear View Mirror
Episode 5: Hanging On
Episode 4: One Minute
Episode 3: Professional Courtesy
Episode 2: Mon Amour
Episode 1: Pilot